Friday, March 23, 2012

Crochet Pet Toy

Happy Friday Everyone!!!!  I hope you all had a wonderful week.  Since the weekend is here, I thought I would post an easy crochet project...just in case anybody else is living in a place where Spring weather has not arrived yet.
I made one of these toys last summer when I adopted Oswald, but since Jixer has come into the home he took it over.  So I thought I would make another one!

This is the first one

What you will need:
   - Scrap yarn
   - Scissors
   - Crochet hook size I/5.5mm
   - Toilet Paper Roll
   - Jingle Bells (I use 3)

Step One - Cut six 1inch slits into each side of the toilet paper roll 

Step Two - Fold them over on one side 

Step Three - Add the jingle bells and fold over the slits on the other side

There is no need to tape the slits down because the crochet cover will keep them down.

Step Four - Crochet the cover
          ch = chain
          ss = slip stitch
          sp = space
          dc = double crochet
          hdc = half double crochet
          hdc2tog = hdc together/decrease

          Ch 4
          Row 1 = 12 dc in 4th chain from hook, ss into ch 3 to form circle
          Row 2 = Ch 2, *1 hdc in 1st dc, 2 hdc in next dc*
                         repeat from *to*,  ss into ch 2 space (18hdc)
          Row 3-8 = Ch 2, 1 hdc in each hdc, ss into ch 2 sp (18hdc)
          Row 9 = Ch 2, *1 hdc in first hdc, hdc2tog over next two hdc* 
                         repeat from *to*, ss into ch 2 space
          Row 10 = Ch 2, *hdc2tog over two hdc* repeat from *to*,
                           ss into ch 2 space (6 hdc)
          Finish Off and weave in end

Here are some pictures and explanations:

After completing row 3, make sure the toilet paper roll fits into the cover.  If it does not fit you can change the crochet hook size you are using so that it fits better.

After row 8, insert the toilet paper roll into the cover to ensure it is tall enough.  If it is not tall enough, repeat row 8 until tall enough.  Once tube is tall enough insert the toilet paper roll into the cover and start row 9.

This is row 9 half way finished.  It should start folding over the toilet paper roll. 

After row 10 the cover should be closed. 

Here is the completed toy!

Jixer loves the new one! 

Hopefully with two in the home Jixer will let the kitties play with one of them!

~Best Wishes~

***This toy is best suited for kitties.  If you let your dog play with it, make sure to supervise them to prevent them from tearing it up and swallowing the jingle bells.  I am in no way responsible for any harm done by pets playing with this project!***
My chews on this toy and pulls at the yarn and it has held up really well.  The first one is still completely in tact, however, my dog is only 7lbs!

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