Monday, September 23, 2013

First Year on Instagram

Today marks the one year anniversary of my addiction to Instagram!  It is by far, my most favorite social media outlet.  I am going to share lots of photos in this post, to help share why I love Instagram so much, and how it gave me more than I ever thought it would.

I have become penpals with some of my IG friends, some I have great conversations with on kik, and others have become Facebook official friends.  I have participated in swaps, and set up a few swaps.  I have learned to take better photographs, and that quality is better than quantity of photos.  I have successfully started the hashtag #hookergottahook, and am trying to get #thecornerwhereIhook to take off.

The thing that has surprised me the most is the number of followers that I have gained.  I remember how ecstatic I was last October when I breached 100 followers.  Back then, I could have never imagined how many people would find my Instagram feed worth following, yet I am at just under 1900 followers!  Wow!  I cannot believe it.  I cannot thank my followers enough for their support, especially the ones that leave such lovely comments about my work.  You guys brighten my day, and I am so grateful for you!

I have uploaded 560 photos to my IG feed, and I hope you enjoy these snapshots of my past year!

Let's start off with my first photo that I uploaded to Instagram.
It is a ripple baby blanket that I made with some left over Simply Soft yarn.  This is still one of my favorite baby blankets, that I have crocheted.

Here are your favorite photos...well, at least my most liked photos.  I still cannot believe that I have a photo that has received more than 300 likes...y'all are awesome!
The top left photo is the most like photo of my feed.  The other three are all pretty much tied.  The top right is custom order item that I made, and the other three photos feature two baby blankets that are available in my Etsy shop.

You may be wondering what MY favorite photos are from my news feed.  Well, you don't have to wonder any longer...
As you can see, we agree on one of the best photos (top right).  The top left photo is a progress shot of my current project, which is using the In Treble Afghan Square.  The bottom left is a progress shot of the Summer Mist Throw pattern, that I started in June but still haven't finished because it has been too hot.  Less than one skein of each color to go though, and it is starting to cool down, so hopefully I will finish that one up soon.  The bottom right is a finished afghan that I crocheted as a birthday present, for the little boy who lives in the apartment above us.

Above, I mentioned participating in a couple of swaps that were organized by people I met on IG.
The top left is a wonderful package I received from a Summer craft care package swap.  It contained some amazing items, and I squealed with excitement multiple times when I was going through it.  Top right is a photos of the coasters I received in a coaster swap, and the bottom left is one of the coasters that I sent to my partner for the same swap.  Bottom right features my very first swap; it was a coffee mug swap.  I love the mug I received and use it on a daily basis.

One thing that became crystal clear while I was going through all of my IG photos from this year....
...and that is that I eat/drink a lot!  It seems that I always have a cuppa near by, and am eating my fair share of snacks.  These photos are just a handful of the pictures that feature some sort of beverage or snack.

I also found, while going through my IG photos, there are many projects that I had forgotten about.
The angry bird was a Christmas present to one of my little cousins (the pattern can be found for free here).  The scarf on the top right is made with Simply Soft yarn, and with this One Skein Asymmetrical Scarf Pattern.  The bottom left is a progress shot of a headband that was part of a large headband order placed by my friend.  The pattern for it can be found right here on my very own blog.  The bottom right is a cushion cover I made for my little cousin as a birthday present. The three large flowers are featured on the front, and I crocheted her name into the back. I am told she loves it!

Of course, when you have a dog as cute as Jixer, they will definitely make a few appearances on your IG feed.  These are just my favorite Jixer appearances.
He is always by my side, and looks extra cute in a bow tie. Oh look, another cuppa sneaked its way in too.

I had not realized how many times I posted photos of myself on my feed...
...but I guess that is to be expected since it is my feed.  I started it as a feed for Etsy shop, but I have made so many friends, and that is the biggest reason that I love Instagram.  I can talk to others with the same interests all over the world, and hope to meet many of you someday.  Thank you for making my first year on Instagram so lovely!  I look forward to getting to know my new friends better, and making even more friends in my second year on Instagram.

Best Wishes,


  1. Love this idea of going through the year of instagram feed :) Mine would be made up of my kiddos & then crochet probably! And not a lot of myself haha

    1. It was so much, Samantha! I love looking through old photos. I was surprised how many I had posted of myself, because I am not much of a 'selfie' person, lol. If I had kids, they would probably take up most of my feed too :D


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