Sunday, April 27, 2014

Crochet Mood Blanket Update

Hello Everyone!

I hope this post finds you well!

I am finally updating on my Crochet Mood Blanket 2014!  Wooooo! I still have a lot of catching up to do, but I did finally figure out what I am going to do with the blanket once it is finished.

I am going to sell it, and donate the money to Marley's Mutts!  I found their rescue organization on Facebook a few weeks ago, and am blown away each and every day with their service to animals in need.  Seriously, check out their Facebook page, and see for yourself how wonderful they are!

Since I am going to give the profits of this blanket sale to Marley's Mutts, I am going to use some of my Sunday Charity Crochet time to complete it.  This benefits me too, because not having much time is the reason that I am so far behind with this blanket.

So, here are a few update photos for your viewing pleasure, hahaha

I love this photo!  This Fisherman's Ring Crochet Square from Priscilla Hewitt will always be one of my favorite crochet patterns.

This is the latest completed crochet square, and it just happens to be in one of my favorite purple yarns!

I have 3-1/2 rows complete so far, so I still have a ways to go before the 10x10 blanket is complete.

Of course, I will be giving more updates - hopefully, it won't be so long until the next one - and I will definitely let you know when the blanket is ready!  Maybe one of you fine viewers will love the blanket so much, that you will buy it, and help me help Marley's Mutts!

Best Wishes,

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