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Bench Dedication - Trail of 100 Giants

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I hope you are well.

This is a somewhat unusual post for me - as it has nothing to do with any type of craft, or Jixer. 
It does have to do with my Great-Uncle Chuck (aka Reverend Dr. Charles White), and the US Forest Service allowing the Giant Sequoia National Monument Association dedicate a bench in his honor on the Trail of 100 Giants.
In his life, my uncle helped lay the groundwork for many foundations and associations, including the Giant Sequoia National Monument Association - one of the other big groups he helped from the beginning is the North American Interfaith Network. 

Back to the bench though - it is a pretty huge deal for the Forest Service to allow such a dedication to happen!  If anyone deserves to be remembered for all of those he helped, it is my Uncle Chuck!

This plaque on the bench sums it up the best!

If you are in California, I highly suggest walking the Trail of 100 Giants.  It is mostly handicapped accessible, and something even the small kids can walk without you having to pick them up!

Here is the bench from the main trail.  If you do visit the trail, the bench is labeled as the meditation bench, and is the only bench located on a spur.

This is the view from the bench.  It is absolutely beautiful!  
There are two giant sequoias straight across from the bench.

A closer look at the two giant sequoias across from the bench.
The beauty is astounding!

This is my Great-Aunt Lizzie, with one of the members of the Giant Sequoia National Monument that worked alongside my uncle (who affectionately described Uncle Chuck as a pain in the ass), and one of our guides on the trail (you don't need one if you walk it), Dale.

My Great-Aunt Lizzie, me, and my dad on the bench.  
We were the three people in the room, holding my Uncle Chuck, when he passed last October. 
 Aunt Lizzie held his left hand, I held his right hand, and my dad held him up in a sitting position, because he didn't want to lay down.

My Uncle Chuck inspired me more than I can ever explain!  He had his own spiritual beliefs (obviously, he was a Reverend, and spent years leading different churches), yet he never put others down for having different beliefs.  He learned about other's views instead of judging.  This is something that many people can learn from.  He always encouraged my want to learn about every religious belief, and I actually inherited so many new books from him, that I had to buy a new bookshelf!

Of course, there are many beautiful sequoias on the trail - hence, Trail of 100 Giants!
Honestly, sequoias are my favorite tree, and one of the best perks about living in California!

I had some fun playing with my fish-eye lens as things for the dedication were winding down.
It had been a while since I used it, since I often forget that I have it.

I also had the opportunity to spend some time with my family!

My wonderful, adorable parents - married now for 36 years!

My two younger cousins, and I had so much fun hanging back from the group.  There was a lot of giggling happening between the three of us!

I snapped lots of cute photos of my cousin Emily (of Giggles Unedited).

Thanks to my Aunt Teresa, who used my camera to snap this photo of me with my both of my younger cousins! We actually got Shawna into a photo!!!

It would've been unfortunate to miss the chance to strike tree pose in front of one of these giant beauties!

Also, I had to show them some love!  
Tree hugging is awesome!

Here is a video made my cousin, Emily!

Thanks for stopping by to read, and look at the photos.  
The most important thing I can tell you is to learn about others instead of judging them!

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  1. Chuck was an amazing, inspirational man. Thank you for sharing these pictures of a beautiful day.


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