Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Couple of Keepers

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!!

When Christopher found out he was moving to Canada he of course had to get his passport.  Now, one thing you have to understand about Christopher, absolutely everything gets tossed into his backpack....EVERYTHING...and some things are never to be found again!  I think they might go into the same place lost chapstick goes!  I wanted his passport to stay nice, because lets face it, those things are EXPENSIVE!!!  
So, I had to make him a passport keeper.  
This is the front...I luckily had a blue button in my stash that went perfectly with the colors Chris wanted.

The strap goes all the way around the back to keep it closed.

Chris wanted it to mostly be dark blue, so I lined it and made the pocket with bright blue.

I did not write down the pattern, but it is really simple! All you need to know how to do is chain, single crochet and slip stitch....Here goes the explanation of the pattern, so for those of you who don't want to know how to make this passport keeper you can skip down to the end :)
- Chain the length of the passport and single crocheted across with the dark blue until it was long enough to be folded over and cover just the outside.  Then switch to the light blue and added enough of the length to fold it over half way for the pocket. Finish off.
- With the light blue folded over, slip stitch the light blue onto the start of the fold and single crocheted through both the light blue and dark blue to keep the pocket together.  Just keep single crocheting around until you reach the other side where the fold is, and finish off.
- The book part is done...easy right?!?
- For the strap slip stitch the dark blue onto one corner of the front cover and single crocheted across five stitches.
- Just keep doing single crochets back and forth until the strap is long enough to go across the back and around to the front.
- Once the strap is the desired length, chain 5 and skip 5 single crochets and slip stitch into the top of the last single crochet. The single crochet around the chain.  This makes the loop for the button.
- Sew on a button and TA-DAH...you are finished!  

Chris loved his passport keeper, and I am happy to know that his passport will not be ruined in the black hole that is his backpack!!!

~Best Wishes~

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