Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Hooks and a Book

Happy Thursday!!

It has been a week since something great happened to me!  What is that, you might ask? Well.....Chris bought me a present! YAY!!!!  I have always used metal crochet hooks because that is what I was taught with and I do not like the feel of plastic hooks.  Then I found bamboo hooks, but still stuck with my metal hooks because they are perfectly fine and did not want to spend money on a new set of hooks.  Months went by and I still found myself wanting to try the bamboo hooks because the metal hooks can get to be so cold here in Montana....especially if you leave them in your car overnight during the month of January!  Last week, right before he departed for Canada, Christopher found out about my want for bamboo hooks and bought me a set.  I am one lucky girl!

The best part is that I have a couple more hook sizes in my bamboo set than I have in my metal set! (Like the 8.00mm!) I never thought that I would like them better than my metal hooks...

....but I absolutely LOVE them!!!  They are light, feel great and one added bonus that I never thought I would care about is they smell like wood.  I don't know about you but I really enjoy walking down the wood aisle in the hardware store and the sweet smell of fresh cut wood and smell of trees in the woods.  That is what I smell when I am working with these hooks!!!

Since I was given these great new hooks, I just had to crochet a hook book to carry them in.  I have looked at hook book patterns before, but never really found one that suited my needs/ I winged it!!!!  I am pretty happy with end result.

The first reason I wanted a new case for my hooks is because the case I made for my metal hooks requires that it be untied and rolled out to get a hook, which of course means you have to roll it back up and tie it again....this became a hassle!! 

I made a pouch inside instead of a pocket and sewing individual slots for the hooks...reason being, I do not like to sew!  The front was a little boring so I did make a heart and sew it on when I sewed on the button.

I love this book and I love my new hooks!

So far I have made this hook book, the yoga mat bag, and a few other little projects, with my new hooks. More pictures of the new projects I make with these beauties will be up soon!  

~Best Wishes~

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