Friday, May 4, 2012

Adventures of the Traveling Wiener

Happy Friday Everyone!

As you all know, I am preparing to move from Montana to California. This means selling items on craigslist, and that leads to people coming over all day long.  Jixer gets so excited when people come over, and just wants to play with everyone that walks in the door.

We have been playing all day long, and I decided to get out my camera and start snapping pictures of this little cutie!

He didn't really travel, but soon this will not be our home anymore.  Who cares anyways? He is cute no matter where he is at!

"Why are all of these people coming over, but nobody is staying to play with me?"

He is carefully watching me as I plan my next move.

And here he is planning his next move!

Waiving is his go-to move to get a treat!

It is also the trick he does when I get a beer out of the fridge.  He goes crazy and always tries to get the bottle and have a drink.

We had a great day staying home together and playing.

Jixer and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!

~Best Wishes~

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