Sunday, May 6, 2012

Adventures of the Traveling Wiener

Hello Everyone!

We finally decent weather here in Missoula today, and that was enough for Jixer and me to go on a little adventure.  It wasn't too far away!  We took a long round-a-bout walk to Franklin Park.

Along the way, we stopped to smell the flowers...or at least take pictures of them.  There are so many beautiful tulips blooming right now, and I absolutely LOVE it!  Of course they are my favorite flower.

Aren't tulips just fabulous?!?  These all came from the same yard.  It seems like every neighborhood has that one house in it that is just overflowing with beautiful flowers, and today Jixer and I found the one in our neighborhood.

This is my favorite tulip that we saw today.  Just this one petal had a splash of color.

Of course we came across other flowers too.
There are many homes in the area that have trees with beautiful pink blooms.

Pretty purple flowers!  I should really spend some time learning the different names of flowers...

Along the way Jixer was also being stalked by a kitty. It was pretty funny to be followed by this little guy.
Jixer wanted to stop and play, but this kitty looks like he can handle business and Jixer has never played with a kitty that has claws.  So we kept going about our business and eventually the kitty stopped following us.

At last, we made it to the park!  After Jixer decided that he wanted to play in the water, I took his leash off so he could have some fun and splash around.

He walked into the water, and came right back out.  I thought he was done, but he actually just felt like searching for a suitable stick.

Here is one of the sticks he found.

I tried to get him to jump off the little ledge and into the water by throwing a stick in, but he wasn't having it.
He just stood on the ledge and stared at the stick.

However, if I through the stick where he can walk in, then he would go and grab it.

After playing for a little while, he took a seat on the ledge and watched the Corgi that was in the yard across the creek.

Before leaving the park, I had to take his picture on one of the cool turtles that they have at one of the entrances.
This is what I like to call a tourist shot, but sometimes being a tourist is fun!

We had a long walk back home; although, we did take the direct route walking back.
Little Jixer is so tired!  I gave him a yogurt bone, but he did not even have the energy to chew on it.  He went straight to sleep, and stayed that way until he felt a disturbance in the force...aka Oswald sniffing his yogurt bone.  Even then, Jixer only got up long enough to hide the bone in the bathroom and come back to the couch for some more Zzzzzz's.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend as much as we did.  Remember to stop and smell the flowers!

~Best Wishes~

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