Saturday, May 12, 2012

Adventures of the Traveling Wiener

Spring time is in full force here in Missoula, and it is lovely!

What do you do in Missoula on a Saturday morning during Spring/Summer?  Go to the farmers market of course!!!  Jixer and I walked downtown this morning and checked out all of the vendors.  I didn't actually get any produce today, but I did get a delicious iced coffee from the nicest couple imaginable.
I don't know about farmers markets in your area, but in Missoula, dogs are not allowed.  I think just because there are so many people and dogs would make it just that much harder to navigate.  However, I wasn't going to let that stop Jixer from enjoying the market.

I invested in this Outward Hound dog sling.  It is pretty awesome!  There is a clip in the front to clip the Jixer's collar and a clip on the top to keep him secure.  So far, he enjoys being carried around, and still gets lots of attention from people.  This sling allows him to go pretty much everywhere with me now.

On our way downtown, we met these two sweet boys that fell over themselves trying to get to Jixer and pet him.  They were so curious about him and asked many questions about what breed and how old he is.
The younger boy (right) said "I want to stop petting him, but I just can't. He makes you pet him with his cuteness!"  I could not help but giggle at how charming that statement is; especially coming from a little boy.  We ended up seeing the boys on our way back home and again they jumped their fence to pet him one more time.

On our way downtown, we stopped next to the river so Jixer can drink some water and get a few splashes in before he was put into the sling.  Normally, I would take him off of his leash so he can enjoy the water a little more, but they are becoming very strict about the leash laws.

Just because we only bought an iced coffee at the farmers market doesn't mean that we went without goodies.  In fact, we both enjoyed scrumptious treats from Bernice's Bakery!

If you are in Missoula for any length of time, Bernice's is a must see eat!  Deliciousness doesn't even begin to describe the goodies you will find.  I kept Jixer in his sling long enough to stop in here and get a cupcake for me and a dog treat for him (yes, they have homemade dog treats, and Jixer LOVES them!).

May is cupcake month at Bernice's, and this week they have an animal theme.
My choice of cupcake today is the Panda.  A chocolate cupcake with butter cream frosting and a hazelnut filling.  I absolutely adore all things hazelnut, and this cupcake is no exception.  On that note, if you do visit Bernice's and are lucky enough to have the chance to try a slice of their Hazelnut Latte cake...DO IT!!!

Jixer sat on the bench outside with me and munched on his doggy treat.  Easy to please this dog with 25 cents.  I usually buy five of these treats at time because then they are only a dollar, but we already had some at home.  Jixer always enjoys snacking on a Bernice's treat when we get home from our walks.

This is him earlier this week chowing down on a Bernice's treat at home.

While we are talking about Bernice's Bakery, I want to share some other treats I enjoyed earlier this week.
I went to the bakery Tuesday to meet up with a friend for breakfast.

Breakfast does not get much better than a cinnamon roll!

Of course, while I was there I had to buy a couple of cupcakes to take home.

This elephant cupcake was spectacular!  It is a white wine cupcake with butter cream frosting and raspberry filling....divine!

The peacock is also amazing!  Of course, you can't really go wrong with dark chocolate and butter cream.

Don't you worry if sweets are not your cup of tea, Bernice's has you covered.
This is the Rosemary and Olive Oil Bread.  Again, Bernice's does it best!

Ok, ok...back to Jixer's adventure today.
Jixer was not ready to leave the bakery...I think he just wanted another delicious treat!

On our way home, we met two adorable little girls that were selling pictures.  Luckily, I was actually caring cash (a very rare occurrence), and I was able to purchase one of their masterpieces.

Isn't is just beautiful!

I gave the girls a dollar and Isabella (left) said "They are only 50 cents, but you can give us a dollar if you want." The masterpiece I bought was colored by Lily (right).  They were both so cute and friendly!  We visited for a while and both girls were very happy to be able to give Jixer one of the training treats I keep in my pocket.

The round trip walk from our home to downtown is just under four miles, and this a long way for Jixer's little legs.  He was so tired when we arrived back home.
He laid down on the grass outside, and did not want to move!!!

Usually, all I have to do to make him walk the rest of the way home is tell him to go get a treat.  All that did today was make him open his eyes. HA!  I ended up carrying him up the stairs and back inside.

Jixer very much enjoyed his Saturday morning, and we hope you all did too!!!

~Best Wishes~

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