Friday, May 18, 2012

Pretty Bottle Opener

It is Friday....woot!!!

The best thing about this particular Friday, is that my dad is flying in tomorrow and we are driving me and all of my stuff back to California on Monday!  I am almost home!!!
Since I am in the middle of moving, I do not have a lot of stuff out to occupy my time.  I did find Christopher's key ring and stole his bottle opener.  I have been wanting a bottle opener to carry on my key ring and recently bought a sea turtle bottle opener, but it is too heavy to carry around.  It also doesn't work very well.
My dad is actually the one that gave Chris his bottle opener when Chris and I first started dating.  It had a local radio station logo on it, and I wanted a pretty one so it was DIY time!

All you need is a bottle opener and some nail polish in your choice of colors.  I buy all of my nail polish from my sister because she sells Avon, and I love their nail polish!  It goes on so smooth and they often have great deals (I only buy it when it is on sale).

I used six colors to make the stripes.  The color names from left to right: Sunshine, Vintage Blue, Jade, Luxe Lavender, Cotton Candy, and Aqua Fantasy.

This is what the bottle opener looked like before.

Perfectly fine but I wanted a pretty bottle opener!

The first thing I did was a primer coat using the "Sheer French Pink" color, again from Avon.  As you can see it didn't cover it up perfectly, but it did give it a nice base coat.

This shows the progression of adding colors.  Once I used all six colors once, I worked the colors backwards to the other end. I also added a clear top coat for a little protection.

This is the end product!  It is definitely pretty!

It was also nice to be able to work on a project that did not involve packing or cleaning!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

~Best Wishes~


  1. I read all of your blogs, by the way & you're just so wonderful! You're smart and pretty and fun and talented - on American Idol, you'd be considered the "whole package." Thanks for keeping me entertained and I especially loved the one about ME!! LOL!!

    1. Erin, you are making me blush! I am glad you like all of the posts :)


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