Monday, May 21, 2012

Adventures of the Traveling Wiener

Jixer and I are finally on our way back home!!!  I am excited, and I think Jixer will enjoy having a backyard to play in, two big doggies to play with, and of course the beach.

On the first leg of our trip today, we drove down Pintler Loop  from Missoula to Butte and Jixer enjoyed walking in the river and sniffing around in the grass.

He was really enjoying this little stretch of the river.  He was making me nervous walking farther and farther into the water, but luckily he is a good listener and would come back when called!

Jixer found a small patch of grass on the shore of the river to chew on.  He is keeping an eye on me, keeping an eye on him!

Here we are cuddling with each other by the water.  Actually, Jixer was just getting me all wet!

Jixer pretending he is king of the world.  Really though, he is the king of my world!

A couple more miles down the road we stopped at a little recreation area by Georgetown Lake.
This is one of the my favorite places that I have visited in Montana.  It was my 4th time here, and Jixer's first.

He really enjoyed sniffing around in the grass.

And, sniffing around in the grass even more!  This little doggy would have stayed there all day, if we had the time to spend.  

Little Jixer also enjoyed spending time with his Papa.  It was Papa's first time driving Pintler Loop too.

We had a great first day on our way back to California.  I am excited for tomorrows adventure.  We are stopped in Idaho tonight and have a fun day planned tomorrow, so check back to see where Jixer travels to next!

~Best Wishes~

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