Monday, March 18, 2013

Adventures of the Traveling Wiener


It has been a while since Jixer's last adventure, but this was sure worth the wait!  This weekend, Jixer and I went to visit Christopher in San Francisco.  The really exciting part, is that the Bay Area of California is soon to be our new home, so there will be much more exploring in the weeks to come!

Jixer enjoyed our long walk through SF!  We estimate that he probably walked 100 'wiener miles' on Sunday.

Of course, we took some breaks!
Here, we stopped for a rest at the beautiful, Golden Gate Park.

Jixer is enjoying his rest at the beach, and wishing he can play in the water.

He really loved the food in the Bay Area!  Here he is eating a hard boiled egg at a little coffee shop near Golden Gate Park.

Jixer also got to spend some time in his carrier.

The Golden Gate Bridge is not the only site we found on our jaunt around SF.  We came across San Francisco's City Hall.

We also found an awesome windmill surrounded by beautiful flowers.  Although, we did not go into the garden since dogs are not allowed.

Even though we did not get to see the flowers surrounding the windmill, we did come across some beautiful flowers on our trek.

Jixer also took advantage of some public transportation.

Jixer is relaxing on the BART ride from Berkeley to Downtown San Francisco.

After we ended up clear across the city on our walk, we decided to take a cab back to the hotel.  Jixer was happy to take advantage of a relaxing car ride by taking a nap.

Jixer enjoyed our stay at the Parc 55.

His favorite seat in the room was the ottoman where he could look out on the city.  

Jixer figured that he might as well splurge while on vacation, so he decided to treat himself with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in Berkeley. 

His favorite part of the trip was seeing his dad!  We both have missed him terribly the past couple of months.

Of course, we could not pass up a family photo with the beautiful bay and Golden Gate Bridge in the background.

We had a great weekend together, and cannot wait to officially move to the Bay and do more exploring.

Jixer was very tired on our way home, and made himself comfortable on his crochet blankie in the passenger seat of my car.

~Best Wishes~
Until the Next Adventure

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