Friday, January 31, 2014

Hooded Cowl

Happy Friday!

I am super excited because I just finished a really cute crochet project.
Twice in the last week, I was sent the same photo from two different friends, asking me if I would be able to crochet for them, what was in the photo.

In the photo, were four of the cutest hooded cowls that I have ever seen!  With a quick search on Ravelry, I found that these cute hooded cowls were from The Velvet Acorn, and the patterns are for knitting.

I was just sitting there with my crochet hook thinking 'I really need to learn to knit'.  But, I can't knit, and I don't have time to learn right now.  So, I just grabbed my hook, and some yarn, and winged it.

Now there are crochet patterns - I found one on Amazon - for a hooded cowl, but it was made with only dc, and to me, that just makes it look kinda messy.  I wanted something fun, cute, neat, and with some great crochet texture.  So, I went with a sc/dc combo stitch, found in my favorite book The Complete Photo Guide to Crochet.

I started with a skein of Red Heart with Love in Peacock.  I ran out of that skein, and spent all of Wednesday, searching in all of the craft stores in East Bay, and online, with no luck.  It is sold out/out of stock everywhere!  Even on the Red Heart website...boooooo.

So, I had to start over with a new color.  This time, I bought two skeins of I Love this Yarn in Rouge.  

I used the entire two skeins of yarn, for this project.

I am so happy with the way that it turned out.  It almost makes me wish I still lived in a colder climate, so I could make myself one to wear....almost.
I know this will help my friend stay warm in Michigan, with this polar vortex happening.

Best Wishes,


  1. Love this! I'm also suffering the cold in MI and have been wanting to make something just like this. Any chance you will share more of a written pattern?

    1. I may end up sharing a written pattern, but it will take a while. Stay tuned :)

  2. Love this! Wish i could wear one, but the'fro would get in the way!

    1. Thank you, Stacey! I think having an awesome 'fro is worth not being able to wear a hooded cowl!


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