Monday, February 10, 2014

Sunday Charity Crochet

Well, it is Monday once again, and I am crocheting for charity today.  I know I said that this would be happening every Sunday, but due to my lack of knowing what day it is half of the time, I am working on charity beanies on Monday.
I figure it is better to work on them a day late, than not at all - so here I am.

This will be a toddler beanie, very shortly.

Today, I am crocheting with Bernat Satin in Faded Glory Ombre.  This skein of yarn has been in my stash for about three years, so it's about time I make use of it!

I am hoping to get a couple of beanie done today, in the middle of cleaning the house - Monday's are my usual deep clean days.

I hope you all are well!  Remember, that if you are crocheting along with me on Sundays, for charity, then please use the hashtag #SundayCharityCrochet, so I can see the pretty pictures on Instagram!

Best Wishes,

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