Monday, July 14, 2014

ChirpinBirdie Sews: Kindle Covers

Hello all!

I have wanted to learn how to sew for probably 20 years now, and considering I am 27 years old, that is a huge majority of my life!  I have been scared of sewing machines, and have had unsuccessful attempts at learning how to sew several times throughout the years.  But, the urge to learn never went away.  So, a few weeks ago, I rounded up some old text books that I never look at anymore, and traded them in on Amazon.  Then with the gift card they gave me I bought myself a little sewing machine!  
I am so excited about learning a new skill!  The first thing that I wanted to learn to make was a cover for my Kindle paper white - which is my most favorite piece of technology that I own!

I found this tutorial very helpful!

This cover is my first successful attempt.

I do love the way it came out, but I was just practicing with this fabric.

It is so fun to make things with fabric! 

But again, I was just practicing, so I would fell more comfortable when sewing with the gorgeous fabric I picked out for my cover.

This is the cover that I sewed for myself!

I absolutely love this fabric!

I've always loved reading on my paper white, and now it is even more enjoyable!
For my own cover, I opted not to add a pocket.

I am very proud of how far my sewing has come in the last couple weeks.
Believe me, my first few attempts were terrible!

Stay tuned for future sewing projects!  I am currently working on a gift, mixing crochet and sewing.  I am excited, and hopeful that it is turn out neatly!
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