Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Elyce Knit Cowl


I am pretty excited about this pattern!
For the reason that, it is my first knit pattern.
I have named it after my knitting teacher, Elyce.  I will never be able to thank her enough for teaching me how to knit.  She is a fabulous teacher, and has also become a great friend.

This is the first Elyce cowl I knit.
Since it turned out to be a bit too snug for an adult, I just said it is child size.  Then had my adorable little cousin, Poppy, model it for me.

I was interested in what the Elyce cowl would look like, if I made it with two different colors - not to mention I had to make an adult size version.

That's when this beauty came to be!  It is by far, one of the favorite items I have made so far.

I am lucky to come from such a good looking family - and that they are willing to model my handmade items.
My model/cousin, Alisa, will need this cowl too, when she goes back to college in Wisconsin this Fall.

Here you can see more of the detail.
This is seriously a super easy pattern, and delivers such an awesome look!

I even made one for myself with yarn I received for my birthday.

If you want to make your own Elyce cowl, you can get the pattern here.
If you want me to make an Elyce cowl for you, then click here.

Stay tuned for more patterns - coming soon!

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