Sunday, May 27, 2012

Adventure of the Traveling Wiener

Hello Everyone!

I am sorry it took me so long to post this, but it is kind of difficult without internet.  On our way from Montana to California we were able to stop at Craters of the Moon National Monument and it was awesome!!!  It was also very windy on the day we stopped by.  Jixer was not allowed on the trails, but he did come along anyways I just had to carry him in the new sling.  Needless to say the pictures of Jixer will be a little different in this post because taking pictures of a dog that is by your hip without being able to see the screen is a little difficult!

This on the first little trail my dad and I walked.  It tells you all about the park and the different types of lava flows.

It is nice having my dad around to take pictures of me and Jixer!

These are pieces from the wall of the volcano that broke away during an eruption.

The lava flow looks cool! I learned this type of lava flow is called 'pahoehoe'.

Jixer was enjoying just relaxing, being carried around, and taking in the sights.  

This tree is trippy because it looks like it is twisted over on itself.

The north side of the lava flow had cool vegetation.

Jixer liked the cool tree too!

Like I said, it was just a little windy!!! We almost fell down the mountain after a gust of wind caught me off guard!

My dad enjoyed the scenery too!

I love this place, and will definitely be going back to see more!

This is one of the 'caves' you can walk is more of a tunnel.  Jixer did not come with us in the cave, but it is still worth talking about.  To get to the cave you walk down a paved trail, and a set of stairs brings you down into the cave, after that you are pretty much on your own.  There is a lot of climbing over huge piles of rocks, and it was so fun!

Here I am with my dad inside the cave.

Just to let you know, if you are only going to explore Indian Tunnel (the one we are in) you do not need to a flashlight.  The ranger said we would each need one, so my dad bought one at the visitors station at the park entrance and I had a headlamp in the car.  We did not use them at all!  There is skylights in that let plenty of natural light in, so save the $11!

My dad is climbing out of the hole at the end of the tunnel.  Again, this park is really fun to explore!

When you come out of Indian Tunnel there is no paved trail, and you get to rock jump following sticks in the lava flow, to get back to the trail.  Once more, this park is definitely worth the $8 charge to drive your personal vehicle in (that gets you in for a week too!)!!!

Jixer, dad and I had a great time on the road trip and the best part of it was our visit to the Craters of the Moon!  Definitely worth the time to get off of I-15 and explore for the day!!!

~Best Wishes~

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  1. Cool! Glad to hear it's a good park. I was looking at going there when I make a trip to yellowstone (someday)
    Awesome pics!


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