Monday, October 29, 2012

Adventure of the Traveling Wiener

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all have been enjoying the day!  It is laundry day for me, so it is not my favorite day of the week. At least, I have the job looking at all of the pictures from the mini vacation Chris and I took last week, and now I get to share Jixer's first camping trip!

We had a friend from Canada come down for a visit, and spent most of last week in Silicon Valley having fun and being touristy, including visiting the Facebook, Google, Apple, and Stanford campuses.  We had a great time, but decided that we needed to go camping.  Who doesn't love camping?  Especially, camping in California, because we have so many amazing spots to see.

We made the drive from Silicon Valley to San Luis Obispo, and decided to take the Hwy 1 scenic route.  Of course, it was gorgeous, as it always is!  We decided to do the easy camping spot at Lopez Lake, since we would only be down in the area for one night.

Boy, did Jixer enjoy his first time camping!

Here he is waiting to be let out of the tent in the morning.

This was our home for the night.

Big brother Max came camping too, and he always loves camping and spending time outdoors.

We had some neighbors that Jixer did not like!  He would let out a couple of barks every time he caught a glimpse of one (he usually does not bark).

Here he is just sniffing around.

Watching the deer, since he got into trouble for barking.

Jixer kept trying to climb this steep hillside; there must have been good smelling things up there.  Can you spot him?  He is mid-left in the picture.  I know, he is hard to see up there because of his coloring and small stature!

Always a happy puppy when he wakes up in the morning!

Jixer is sad that we only spent one night camping, and cannot wait until the next adventure!

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