Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tea Time

Happy November!!!

Can you believe that it is already November, and that in two months it will be 2013?!?!  That is mind boggling for me!  Since it is November, that means it is a month of remembering what we are thankful for.  Something that we should do all year long, but is actually brought to the fore front of our minds by Thanksgiving (at least here in the USA).

With that being said, I was truly filled with happiness when I read my tea fortune last night!  I love my life, but I am a planner, and right now there is not much that I can plan out.  This drives me crazy, and makes it feel that I am not accomplishing anything.  Hopefully, the dust will soon settle and I will know where I can grow some roots down and finish my education.  Until then, I need to remember what I do have, and all of the things that I am still accomplishing.

That is where last night's tea fortune comes in.

So, as Dory would say "Just keep swimming!"

~Best Wishes~

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